Company Introduction

As life expectancy increases, there are more and more incidences of chronic diseases and metabolic syndrome, putting a large burden on the medical care system. China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CCPC) was established more than 60 years ago with the concept of "putting down professional roots to promote health." It has actively worked to develop healthcare products for suboptimal health groups and the elderly. Integrating the resources of its sister companies, CCPC offers comprehensive health services. Over the years, CCPC has coordinated with researchers and medical experts to form industry-academia collaborative research teams. These teams have devoted themselves to the development of novel healthcare materials. The results of efficacy tests of these materials have been published in prestigious international journals, and the core techniques have been patented.

This has facilitated the quick entry of our products into the market, expanding the enterprise's success in dietary supplements. In 2015, Phermpep Co., Ltd. was founded as a sister company of CCPC to carry out research, development, and production of novel healthcare materials. The core technology of Phermpep is the application of functional peptides for the functional foods and the development of healthcare products and services. The company has several in-house academic experts with rich experience in research and development to manage and organize a collaborative team to carry out various aspects of operations, including research, development, production, marketing, and protection of intellectual property. As Phermpep continues to refine its production techniques, cross-industry collaboration, and creation of value-added products as well as packaging designs, this company has become a leader in functional foods and dietary supplements.

Corporate Vision

To become Taiwan's top enterprise in functional foods and dietary supplements and to develop functional peptide products that rival those of international leading brands.

Management Concepts

Our company's foundation lies in our core technology of functional peptide applications for functional foods and dietary supplements. We continuously refine our techniques and technology as well as collaborate with cross-industry partners and create value-added products. For research and development, we have a team dedicated to the research, development, and patenting of ingredients that allow us to successfully compete in the world market. For sales and marketing, our effort to keep close track of consumer needs helps provide comprehensive services for health and build professional dietary supplement brand value.

  • Refining Technology
  • Collaborating Across Industries
  • Creating Value-Added Products

Member of the CCPG Group

In the 21st century, health care and medical services have evolved from treatment to prevention of disease and protection of health. Biotech research and development, as well as relevant applications, have evolved accordingly. With a history of over 60 years, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group (CCPG) oversees a network of member companies under the concept of "putting down professional roots to promote health". These companies are devoted to research and development, manufacturing, marketing and consultation, forming a comprehensive health services network. Phermpep Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 with the advantages of rich industry-academia collaborative experience and vast research and development capacity. This company plays a key role in CCPG, carrying out innovative research and development of healthcare materials as well as preventive medicines. Its development marks a major milestone in CCPG's expansion into the functional food and dietary supplement industry.

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